Why Indian Cricket Team is the best cricket team in the world?

Watching the Indian team play cricket gives us all a different feeling. We are going to talk today about why the Indian Cricket Team is the World's Best Cricket Team right now. I believe this is true despite some people disagreeing with me. Currently, they are playing against Sri Lanka with their B team, and they are still dominating the series. Indian Cricket teams lead 2-0 as of now. Their main bowlers Deepak Chahar and Bhuwaneshwor Kumar won them the match with their partnership of 100+ runs during the recent match.  Are Indian teams playing better or are Sri Lankan teams getting worse? They are both true in fact. The Sri Lanka Cricket Team is getting worse by the day. Whenever players like Sangakara, Jayasurya, Mahela Jayawardene, Nuwan Kulasekara, Malinga, Mathews, and Muttiah used to dominate, we enjoyed every innings. They are amazing at everything they do, from batting to bowling. Watching them all play was pure joy. However, even the avid cricket fan can't name 6-7 pla

Best Defensive Midfielders in the world right now

 Who is the Best Defensive Midfielders in the world?

Many people take football as just scoring goals and making an assist. But it is more than that. We have to see the whole aspect of the game then only we get to enjoy this beautiful game in an even better manner. With our love for strikers and wingers, we forget how important defensive midfielders are for any football team. We talk about the best striker, winger, or even defender but we never talk about who is the best defensive midfielder in the world. Just ask it to yourself, you also might not have discussed it with anyone. But actually, they are the ones who are ruling the whole game, maintaining the whole game.

In this blog, we are going to see some of the best defensive midfielders in the world now according to their current forms.

  1. Carlos Casimiro

carlos henrique casimiro

 The backbone of Real Madrid, Carlos Casimiro is the best defensive midfielder in the world without a single doubt. He rules the game, dominates the opponent, humiliates the attackers, and tackles the ball like a beast. He has been playing flawlessly for the past few years and able to be consistent and maintaining his position in a big club like Real Madrid. Many midfielders in Real Madrid come and go but Casimiro is untouchable. Not only the defensive part, but he is also good with a ball, long shoot, and heads well, and contributes to his team with amazing goals. He can play in the defense as well.

2. Joshua Kimmich

joshua kimmich age

If we talk about one in-form most versatile player, the one name that comes to our head is Joshua Kimmich. Switching from Right back to Defensive Midfielder, the only position has changed but his form is permanent. His amazing vision and hard work make him one of the best defensive midfielders in the world right now. People often debate between Casimiro and Kimmich about who is the better midfielder. He is a key player in Bayern and Germany National Team squad. 

3. Wilfred Ndidi

wilfred ndidi transfer

Wilfred Ndidi, one of those names who has been consistent for the past 2-3 years. He always gives his best and never fails to amaze us with his brilliant performance. He pockets big players in big games and is also awarded the man of the match award in important games. He is wanted by big clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, etc. Last Year, Real Madrid wanted him as a backup for Carlos Casimiro but due to some reason, this could not happen. In the coming year, more clubs will go after him.

4. Ruben Neves

ruben neves transfer

One of the most underrated names in football is Ruben Neves. He doesn’t talk much or show off on social media, but he always shows who he is on the field with his brilliant performance. The main target of clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, etc. This was possible due to his brilliant gameplay and personality. He is a main free-kick taker and penalty taker for wolves and scores worldies always.

5. Rodri

rodri man city

Big and Simple player. Rodri always plays the calm game. He is good at passing and intercepting the ball. When he made a move to Manchester City from Athletico Madrid, nobody believed he could succeed in Manchester City, but look at him now. He is the regular starter for the city and always impresses us with his performance. One of the most underrated defensive midfielders in the world.

6. Kante

best defensive midfielder in the world

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Kante? I know there is nobody. Everyone loves Kante, as a player and as a person. He won the Premier League with Leicester City and Chelsea and was a key player in both victories. Also made it to the Premier League Player of the Year and other big stages. The world cup winner made his name into the history of football with major contributions. At the moment, due to injuries, he is not playing much and not in the form but without a doubt, when he plays, he is the best player on the pitch.


There are many good players who fail to make it to this list. Who is the best in your opinion?

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